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Plasma medicine is an innovative and emerging field combining plasma physics, life sciences and clinical medicine to leverage physical plasma for therapeutic applications. Read more. Among other revolutionary projects, Plasma Medicine Life Sciences is now pursuing a path to cure cancer using plasma devices.


At PMLS, innovation has been the focal point of our business since the company’s founding. To date, developing new medical devices and applications has been our core objective and day after day, we invent new plasma technologies that are helping revolutionize the field of medicine. In doing so, PMLS makes an important contribution to the advancement of groundbreaking plasma processes and products.


PMLS is launching an on-site education program to provide scientific education in various areas of plasma medicine to a broad range of U.S. Colleges and Universities. These areas include plasma theory, medicine, experiments, diagnostics, undergraduate plasma education, engineering design, electrical design and safety. Our goal is to work with researchers and students on as many cutting-edge projects as possible within the academic community.


PMLS Robotic Group is a interdisciplinary research group between the medical field and engineering and collaborating closely with Canady Robotics, LLC. Group members include Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, and Bio-Engineering. Read more.


PMLS Translational and Molecular Biology Research Group is responsible for qualifying and testing plasma devices using sophisticated research tools. PMLS department of Biomedical and Translational Research Scientists work closely on plasma technology to eradicate cancer.


PMLS works closely to coordinate with sister companies under the USPI umbrella, US Medical Innovations, LLC, Canady Biotechnology, Canady Robotics, Jerome Canady Research Institute.


Based on Doctor’s Personal Experience and Data

Dr. Craig M. Thomas, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon – Washington, DC “When energized, the Canady Hybrid Plasma Scalpel™ cuts through skin, muscle and fascia while simultaneously coagulating, thereby reducing cellular damage. The significant reduction in blood loss limits the need for expensive blood transfusions and reduces swelling, rehabilitation times and ultimately hospital stay duration.”

Dr. Robert L. DeWitty Jr., M.D.

Surgical Oncologist – Washington, DC “The procedure, normally lasting around one hour, took 32 minutes with virtually no blood loss. “There was no need to administer epinephrine”, referring to the drug that is used to control bleeding using Canady Hybrid Plasma Scalpel™.” “The Canady Hybrid Plasma Scalpel™ felt just like a traditional stainless steel scalpel blade, and it’s one of the best inventions I have ever seen or used in surgery during my 40-year career.”


April 2015 Cold Plasma Used In World’s First Clinical Surgical Procedure Performed To Selectively Kill Cancer Tumor Cells Takoma Park, MD Read Full Article
January 2015 US Patent Innovations, LLC announces Jerome Canady Research Institute receives ISO-9001: 2008 Certification Takoma Park, MD Read Full Article
January 2015 Dr. Jerome Canady on Bloodless Surgery & Being a Pioneer – The Global Townhall Interview Takoma Park, MD Read Full Interview


March 16-17 IWPCT – Second International Workshop on Plasma for Cancer Treatment Jerome Canady, M.D Invited Guest Speaker Nagoya University Nagoya Japan


PMLS provides Plasma Technology Education Classroom Webinars for surgeons and nurses. Through PMLS you will gain extensive knowledge of plasma and the frontage plasma medical research.


How can today’s plasma medical system work with tomorrow’s technology?


Michael Keidar, Ph.D. Barry Trink, Ph.D. Alexey Shashurin, Ph.D. Giacomo Basadonna, M.D., Ph.D.

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